Abstract Submission Deadline: January 31, 2019


  • Robotics systems: large v. small, established v. competition
  • Clinical experience in knee, hip, spine, shoulder, oncology, etc.
  • Advanced technologies in surgical instrumentation
  • Peri-operative monitoring with wearable sensors
  • Patient-customized integrated healthcare delivery systems
  • Advanced Imaging and Augmented Reality technology
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation systems
  • Artificial Intelligence / Deep Machine Learning
  • Economics of growth of the robotics/sensor sector

See here for more details.


  • Pre-conference workshop sessions on trendy / controversial topics
  • Moderated video presentation of robotic & sensor assisted cases
  • “Best of” special posters – kiosk interactive sessions
  • Commemorative session celebrating the Society’s 25th Anniversary.
  • Diversified keynote lectures covering clinical, technical, political and economic aspects and future trends
  • Exemplary international expert faculty
  • New York style social events and Presidential Gala

Submission Guidelines:

Papers are expected to demonstrate novelty by arguing that there is a gap in existing literature that the presented work addresses and to present data to support any conclusions drawn.

You will be asked to submit two files, for which templates are available:

  • Main paper (500-1000 words), in PDF format, details below
  • Bone and Joint Journal abstract (250 words), in PDF format, which will be published in their online “Orthopaedic Proceedings” for all accepted podium presentations (see details below)

All papers will be required to include at least three references in the Introduction to establish the need for and novelty of the work, and at least two references in the discussion section to establish the significance of the findings compared with the existing literature. Papers should be 500-1000 words in length (excluding references and title block). Only two graphics are allowed, each of which can be a picture, a diagram or a table. The use of collages (multi-part figures) is permitted, as long as the text is legible and the graphics are clear. Please try to limit formatting complexity and make sure to embed text labels within diagrams and pictures. These images will be used without change in the final digital proceedings.

We especially encourage young researchers to take part in the conference. Accordingly, some preference will be given to presenting authors who do not yet hold (or have only very recently taken up) faculty appointments or post-graduation industry


The Society supports open access publication of the proceedings via EsyChair’s EPiC Series in Health Sciences. All accepted papers will be made available online via this route unless the Opt-Out option is ticked at submission time. Further information about the Series format, indexing and access information is available here.

Additionally, authors of abstracts that have been selected for oral presentation will have a  shortened version of their abstracts (250 words) published within a special issue of the Bone and Joint Journal (BJJ).


The conference participants will be eligible for CME accreditation


All questions about submissions should be emailed to Prof Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, Chair of the Programme Committee of CAOS International: f.rodriguez@imperial.ac.uk.